A Heritage of Industrial Excellence

As a subsidiary of the Obeikan Investment Group, established in 1982, we stand out as the singular Industry 4.0 Saudi company crafted by industrial engineers.

Our primary objective is to propel Industrial Energy operations towards excellence, as we strive to contribute to the transformation of our economy into one with a carbon-neutral footprint.

Our founders and senior leaders collectively possess decades of experience within the industrial sector. They are united by a profound commitment to combating climate change through the application of cutting-edge technology. 

Saned is grounded in fundamental principles: 

Collaborating closely with our clients to expedite advancements towards sustainable development. 

 Transferring our expertise in digital software and artifi


From the very beginning, we recognized the imperative of uniting valuable operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) datasets. Our approach involves employing pre-built, automated machine learning algorithms that can be swiftly deployed across various plants and asset types, all while sidestepping the conventional hurdles of expensive, resource-intensive implementations, exorbitant software licensing fees, and unforeseen adjustments.  

Our commitment to innovation is evident in the substantial investment dedicated to constructing our technology from the ground up. Embracing an open-source philosophy and unburdened by any legacy constraints tied to specific cloud or software architectures, we present a solution that excels in functionality, adaptability, scalability, and adherence to rigorous security standards.  

In the current market landscape, you will find no other data analytics products in the industrial utilities as profoundly impartial or as versatile as our offering. 

Our Clients

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